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billing software invoice software that is powerful. It's able to generate professional quotations
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8 January 2013

Editor's review

A simple yet powerful invoicing system. It`s able to generate professional quotations, invoices & delivery notes in PDF format. Supports inventory, multiple tax, payment receipt tracking, customizing quotation & invoice template and report.

Features: Xin Invoice is a invoicing system that will help you generate professional quotations, invoices & delivery notes. You can turn all these documents into PDF format that is easily acceptable with the business associates. It would be easy to customize the invoices, quotations etc. using a set of templates provided with the application. The invoicing can handle multiple levels of taxation. Different taxes, different rate etc. are no problems with it. The tool will also help you with tracking the invoices and let you know when the payments come in and give you an updated status. You would be able to pinpoint the invoices that are overdue and by how much. That should help you get a clear snapshot of your financial health.

The reporting functionality is extensive. It will let you generate reports that tell you the revenue position very clearly. Whatever format is needed is equally easy to get generated whether you are looking for a summarized one or a detailed one. When creating an invoice you can easily copy the details from the original quotation you had given the customer. Use the company logo and other personalization features to generate a suitable template for your company. Copying of invoices and quotations are provided to make the editing and hence the generation of new documents easy. Customer database as well as invoices and quotations databases are easily created. Searching these databases are also quite convenient. There is a range of reports that you can create and these include besides the revenue summary & detailed reports as mentioned earlier; a customer list, invoice status report, invoice received report, inventory popularity report and so on.

Overall: This is a nice and handy tool to handle your invoicing needs.

Publisher's description

Invoice software that suitable for small and medium business and supports multiple companies.
Xin invoice software is very handy and capable of generating professional quotation, invoice, credit note, customer statement & delivery notes. You can easily convert these documents to PDF, HTML, Excel, image, & others format. By using this invoice software, you can email or fax the document to your customer directly.
You can upload logo and customize invoice, quotation & others document layout using the built-in professional templates. You can create own invoice template, quotation template and others by using the user friendly template editor.
This invoice software is capable to track customer payment status & help you ensure timely payment receiving. This system is built to support multiple tax rates.
Xin Invoice comes with recurring invoice feature. You can configure how frequent to invoice your customer easily.
This invoice software comes with a reporting feature which allows you to easily render up-to-date sale reports, customer payment reports, sales charts & etc.
Xin Invoice feature with password protection, you can choose to set password to protect your data. You can also back up the data to protect data lost caused by any predictable reason.
-Create Quotation & Invoice
-Create Invoice import from quotation
-Schedule recurring invoice
-Create Credit Note
-Copy Quotation & Invoice
-Receive payment
-Export Quotation & Invoice to PDF format
-Customize Quotation, Invoice template
-Upload signature for Invoice & Quotation
-Print Customer Statement
-Customer database
-Change company settings & logo
-Support multiple Tax & multiple company
-Change Invoice & Quotation Reference code
-Easy & advance Data filtering
-Create Sales Person
-Database backup
-Inventory management
-Email or fax document to customer
-Create new quotation, invoice template & etc
-Export report to PDF, Excel & etc
-Document attachment
-Password protectection
Xin Invoice
Xin Invoice
Version 3.4.5
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User comments

Seow Ming
I`ve tried bot Xin Invoice 2.0 and 3.0 and I think 3.0 is much better. It has more feature and support multiple companies. That solves my headache of having different copy of software to support different companies. Further more, I can customize my own Invoice print-out, that is cool!
simple and nice. It`s what i need.
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